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Little Hippo Books

Baby's First Ocean

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Introduce little ones to some adorable ocean creatures in this fun, illustrated children’s touch-and-feel board book. Toddlers will learn the names of ocean animals and stimulate their senses with various textures. Children can play with the sequins on the fish, touch the leathery scales on the turtle and feel the rubbery skin of a seal. This interactive kid’s book will entertain children as they touch and feel their way to learning about creatures living in the ocean. * Bright, colorful, original illustrations of objects associated with the ocean, such as a shark, jellyfish, lobster, whale and more. * Contains a variety of touch and feel elements on each spread and cover. Book Details • Board Book with mixed touch and feel elements • 10 pages • 6.25 inches x 8.25 inches • Ages Baby to 6 • ISBN: 9781953756572 • Retail Price: $10.99