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Let's Go for a Spin - Children's Sensory Storybook with Touch and Spin Fidget Spinner

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There are so many vehicles that have such different shapes and sizes and all have different jobs to do. Come with us as we follow these vehicles around the town and see the fun things that their drivers are doing. Buckle up, start your engines and join us to find out what vehicles are in your neighborhood! Children will love reading this fun story while playing along with the attached fidget spinner. Part of the Fidget Fun series, this storybook has an attached fidget spinner that pokes through the entire book, helping to promote fine motor skills. Colorful, original illustrations of popular neighborhood vehicles are included in this board book. The attached fidget spinner is designed to promote fine motor skills and extend reading time. Written by Emmie MacNevin and illustrated by Francesca Assirelli. Book Details * Storybook with attached fidget spinner * 12 Pages * 8 inches x 8 inches * Ages 0 to 6 * ISBN: 9781957842271 * Retail Price: $12.99