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Denise Albright®

MINI Peek at the Week® Planner Pad | All Bright & Cheery

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Think it, Ink it, Do it! Declutter your mind with the Mini Peek at the Week® Planner Pad! Pull highlights from your packed planner to stay on task for the week ahead. Or make a sheet for each member of your family with exactly what's on their plate for the week. It's perfectly-sized to tuck in your handbag, backpack or school bag. Organize & prioritize the key events each day. There are handy checklists on the backside of every page as a placeholder for the million little things, too. Mini Peek at the Week® Planner Pad Features: * 52 non-dated sheets * Dry erase checklist backer card * Perfectly size to jot & trot! * Lined sections & check boxes each day for added organization Item Specifications * Actual size: 8.5 x 4 x .25 inches * Total sheets: 52 sheets * Bindery Gummed for easy tear-off