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Denise Albright®

Doodle It! Pocket Notebooks | Rain-Boho

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Stressful Mind? Doodling Relaxes Your Brain Taking a little time to draw or create on paper does wonders for your mindset. The Doodle It Pocket Notebook is a fun, colorful tool to keep right-at-hand when you need to let your creative juices flow. Each notebook has 52 sheets designed with a faint grid pattern for bullet journaling, hand calligraphy or drawing. It’s an on-the-go canvas to express your artistic side! Over time, you’ll have a mini portfolio that is fun to flip through, too! Doodle It! Pocket Notebook Features: * 52 non-dated sheets * Dotted grid pages * Elastic pen loop * Perfectly sized to jot & trot! Item Specifications * Actual size:  6 x 4.5 x .5 inches  * Total sheets: 52 sheets * Elastic loop: .5 inches (Fits most pens - we suggest Pilot G-2 pens) * Bindery: White metal twin coil * Cover: Hard cover with water-resistant surface, wipe-clean